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Passport. The first thing you must have in order to leave and enter the country is a passport. If are scheduled leave for your trip in less than one month, please click on this link to find the closest center in your area for expedited services.

However, if you don’t need expedited service, please visit your local city hall or courthouse to pick up a passport application form. Along with the application from, you’ll need to also have your birth certificate and in most cases you’ll need two passport size photos.

Visas. In order to be allowed entry into Tanzania, you must have a Tanzanian visa. You can get your visa at the Tanzanian embassy in Washington DC or you can get it at the port of entry in Tanzania. I suggest the latter. Its easier and much more convenient and this way you never part way with your passport. The visa fees are normally $60 per person.

Luggage, Airfare, and Travel Route. Each passenger flying with our airline partners Northwest and KLM is allowed two 70 lbs check-in luggage (can be wheeled suitcase or any other durable bag or container), one carry-on (which must fit in the overhead bins) and a purse or camera bag. If your total weight exceeds the allowable limit, you’ll be charged accordingly. To find out what the charges are for excess luggage, please contact NWA at: Our flight route is usually through Amsterdam, Netherlands with a short layover and then a straight flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport. This makes it very convenient for our travelers because the lodge/hotels are only 45 minutes from the airport in Tanzania. Other alternate routes are through Nairobi Kenya.

What to Wear. Tanzania has gorgeous weather throughout the year. During the months of July and August, you might need a light jacket, as it gets a bit cooler in the evenings. As far as your daily attire, you can wear just about anything (skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, etc). During your safaris we recommend wearing boots. To find out what the temperature will be like on your safari, click here.

The Language. Although English is the international trade language, Kiswahili is the main language spoken in Tanzania. With over 123 dialects in Tanzania alone, credit must be given to the first president of Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, for making Swahili the national language; this closed the bridge of communication between the 123 tribes/dialects. Today Tanzania is one of the most peaceful nations in Africa partly because of that.

Here are a few phrases to help you along as you trek through Tanzania:

Jambo – Hello
Habari gani? – How are you?
Niko wapi? – Where am I?
Jina lako nani? – What’s your name?
Chai – Tea (people drink a lot of tea in Tanzania)
Kahawa – Coffee (we drink a lot of coffee too)
Maji – Water
Chumba – Room
Funguo - Keys

If you have any questions, please call our Swahili experts and
we’ll be glad to help you out.