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Have you ever wanted to experience a different culture?

Now you can.

Come and experience the warmth and beauty of the African people. On our cultural tours, you'll discover the real Africa. See how they live, how they grow food, how they build houses and what they use for transportation.

You'll meet people from many different tribes. We'll visit the Maasai and see how they make their famous beaded jewelry and hear their distinct way of singing (I'll give you a hint, it's unlike any singing you've heard before)... You'll have an opportunity to share in the making of cheese on the slopes of Mt. Meru... We'll visit a small mountain village and meet the kids there and have local choirs sing and teach us songs (if you've never heard African music live before, you are in for a treat). If you'd like to experience something far off the beaten path, then follow a tribe of Bushmen with their bows and arrows on an early morning bird hunt.

Do you like coffee? We'll go to a working coffee plantation where you'll see how this scintillating beverage is grown, harvested, and processed.

Some of the other cultural experiences available are shopping in the street markets, visiting a snake park, and taking a tour of historic Arusha.

Africa truly has a wonderful and rich culture.
Come and experience it with us.

To learn more about the tours we offer,
give us a call at: 800.472.1792

or email us: info@serengetiexpeditions.com

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