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Do you sometimes think you can't afford it?

With packages starting as low as $1,400 per person, you can. Live and experience an adventure unrivaled by anything else without breaking the bank. You'll see some incredible sights... from Mt. Kilimanjaro to a giraffe that towers above trees, so don't forget your camera!

Some of the animals that you can expect to see in their natural environments are: elephants (lots of them), zebras, waterbuck, giraffes, rhino, wildebeest, lions, leopards, gazelles, jackals, cheetahs, hippos and monkeys. You'll also see flamingos,ostrich and many other beautiful and exotic birds. Believe me when I tell you that safaris are very exciting. They are quite incredible...

... but not having the right staff and guides is the difference between an okay safari and a spectacular one. That's why we have the best staff ranging from our main office in the United States to our seasoned guides on the plains of the Serengeti. As a Tanzania safari operator, we utilize our guides full time, and we do honestly believe that they are the best in the business. Born and raised in Tanzania, all of our guides have worked hard to reach the position of guide. It is a position coveted by many in Tanzania, but it takes a special person to have all the senses necessary to be a great guide. All of them are trained naturalists, environmentalists and magnificent game spotters.

When you safari with us, you can rest in the knowledge that you are getting the most safari for your money. We own some of the hotels you'll be staying in. In fact, other safari companies utilize our hotels. By booking your safari through us, you'll be saving yourself money.

The venues are designed to meet your needs, from spacious swimming pools to high speed internet, relaxing rooms to a variety of great restaurants...we have you covered.

It is our conviction that there is no greater wildlife experience in the world than in Tanzania, a nation that has the highest concentration of animals anywhere in the world because they've allocated 25% of its land to conservation. We are passionate and in love with Tanzania, and it's a great honor and privilege to introduce you to this gorgeous and hospitable country.

Please call us now and we'll create the perfect safari experience for you.


or email us: info@serengetiexpeditions.com

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